Wasatch Window Well Covers Utah

Is Your Yard an Accident Waiting to Happen?

Open window wells are often overlooked, but can be a truly dangerous thing to have in your yard. Window well covers provide a safe and functional solution to an otherwise hazardous situation. Available in two distinct styles, Wasatch Window Well Covers are the perfect way to keep your kids safe and your yard looking great!


Kids laying on the lawn

Keep your kids safe

It’s unfortunate how many injuries occur to children playing near window wells. Especially when they are mostly preventable. We get calls frequently from parents whose children have fallen into their window wells and broken an arm or a leg. Prevent those accidents with custom window well covers Utah!

wasatch window well covers can help protect your home

Keep your home safe

There were over 8,300 burglaries in Utah in 2012 (most recent data available), accounting for more than 13.5 million dollars in loss. Basement windows are often a source of entry for home invasions. Window well covers, especially those with lockdown systems, act as a deterrent for potential criminals. Protect your home and family with Window Well Covers from Wasatch!

Rain flooding a backyard

Keep the water out

Our polycarbonate cover is great for keeping water away from basement windows. While not completely water tight, the polycarbonate cover is built with a slope from the middle outward so that rain runs off of the cover and outside of the well. Great for homes with flood danger. Check out our Polycarbonate Cover for more info.


Custom Window Well Covers

Get peace of mind by having custom window well covers from Wasatch Window Well Covers Utah. Available in two distinct styles, every cover built by Wasatch comes with a lifetime structural guarantee. Don’t wait any longer to protect your home! We’ll get started on your covers right away.

steel window well cover
Custom Steel Cover
polycarbonate window well cover
Custom Polycarbonate Cover